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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm still here!

I really am. I've been looking at all of your blogs, but haven't had enough time to do that *and* post, in my one hour of computer time daily at the library. :-( But! Paul just called me to tell me that he found a great little recycled Mac at the Free Geek thrift store. And since he and the kids have been volunteering there? They get a half-off discount. That's a cool $175 bucks for a (hopefully) great little machine.

I wanted to post a picture but I can't upload it at the library...I cut my very long hair! I had been kicking around the idea of donating to Locks of Love but it took a long time to give up my beloved hair. When I can get a picture up I'll have a funny one to share. :-)

Zac is at camp in California. We haven't heard from him, but I hope he's having a great time! It's a rock-climbing, ropes course, hiking, canoeing, camping kind of adventure camp! I think he's probably loving it. I'll leave tomorrow to go back to California to first see my family in the Fresno area, then head over to pick up Zac on Sunday.

Our anniversary was the day after Paul's birthday, but we didn't really do anything for it then because it was Father's Day. So, last night we went out to celebrated belatedly. We went to Nuestra Cocina for a scrumptious Mexican dinner. We had the pumpkin soup, the gorditas rellenos, and the pumpkin enchiladas. Paul had a chile margarita! I'm glad he got it, as I was thinking about it, but tasting his I think it would have been too spicy for me. He enjoyed it, though! My margarita had pomegranate in it. It was good but I think next time I'll stick with the great mojito that I had while waiting for a take-out order there last week.

Next we went to Mississippi Studios to hear Boulder Acoustic Society. They were a lot of fun, though we got there late and missed a lot of it. The band sounded like their next gig will be on Prairie Home Companion.

Then, since it was only 10:30 when that was done (the night was yet young!) we headed over to Pix Patisserie for a little dessert wine. I would have enjoyed my wine without reservation, the Vin Santo, but Paul ordered the Don PX, a 1971 port. It was so yummy that I couldn't take another sip without ruining my own, until after I was finished with mine. He very kindly saved me a bit. He's a sweetie that way.

Paul and I have been married for 18 years. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful companion, on the first try! We married young and have always had the hope of growing old together, hopefully making it to 50 years or more. We're well on our way! I love you, Paul!


Molly Newman said...

Happy anniversary--and yay for the new Mac! Glad to hear you'll be up and running at home again soon.

I think we're going to try and make it to the homeschool park day next week, though my parents will be visiting and that may complicate matters. Hope to see you there!

Magpie Ima said...

Happy Anniversary! June is a great time to get married :-)

Molly--I hope to meet you at park day!

DebD said...

How very sweet. Happy anniversary. What a delicious deal on the Mac... woo hoo!

Glad everyone is doing fine.

Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary! Many Years!

Congrats on the haircut - can't wait to see the new do!

ana said...

Happy belated anniversary!!! And yes, yeaaah for the new mac! I need a new computer meself. And you got your hair chopped off. I wish I could see it sooner than Sunday (we're not meeting on Tuesday)I've been curious about Nuestra Cocina having gone by it a few times. I think I'll try it out.

See you soon! Evangelia

architect said...

Just now found your note. lol - thanks for the heads up. =) I don't have your e-mail address, the last time I sent you something it returned.
Wow, 18 years! I do remember the wedding - Uncle George was humourous, eh?
It was great seeing you on Saturday - hope that you enjoyed it.

Elizabeth said...

I don't remember what Uncle George did--just that he was there. He was quite a character, though!

Thanks for your comments, everyone--I am back from picking Zac up from camp and online with our new computer! I don't yet know how to upload pics on this computer--haven't tried yet--but soon! I hope anyway.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and Evangelia, I hate to say it, but you *have* seen me since I cut my hair, at choir practice two weeks ago. It was in a ponytail, so not so noticeable, I guess!

Let me know if you'd like a ride to Free Geek (or even just from there to home) to tote a new computer!

ana said...

oh man so much for my great powers of observation, hunh?! LOL I thought there was something different. And here I was thinking you went and got it all chopped off. . .

besides wasn't that the day I had just arrived from a long bus ride from eastern oregon???!!! I don't think I could have observed much of anything at that point!

Thanks for the ride offer. I am seriously considering heading that way in a few paychecks time. :)

Elizabeth said...

Eh, I'm not very observant either, Evangelia! And yeah, you did say something about having just gotten back that day...and no, I didn't cut my hair nearly as short as yours. I don't think I look good with hair that short, but I think it does suit you!

Hey, here I am having a conversation with you via the comments in my blog. I suppos that's because when I lost my old computer, I lost your email address! And I don't have your blog address either. Could you pretty please send them to me? At mamaelizabeth@earthlink.net? Thanks!