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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Is Starting...

My midwifery course, that is! I am attending the first day (half day today) of orientation wherein we will learn about non-violent communication, which is the model they use at Birthingway. Tomorrow we'll be learning about the school and how it functions, policies, library use, the citation method used at Birthingway, etc. and will have a community potluck lunch! And on Tuesday I begin classes! Woohoo! I'm looking forward to every minute of it!

And now, I still have a bit of reading to do before Tuesday....and not enough time to do it unless I crack down. Okay, I do have enough time, it just doesn't feel like it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rockin' Chickens

Several weeks ago, our hens got scared by a possum in the henhouse. They are very dramatic when this happens--the one who is being chased loses a bunch of feathers and you can see them *everywhere.* It makes it look like someone's a goner for sure....when the hen isn't even as much as scratched. As far as I can find on the internet, a possum won't kill a chicken unless it is exceedingly hungry, but it will eat eggs. But the hens do not like possums and are always nervous around them.

After the possum came to visit they've been not wanting to go in the coop at night. Usually chickens are homebodies--when dusk falls, they are ready to tuck themselves in and go to sleep. They like their home and are creatures of habit. But now they've been roosting in other places: on top the fence and on top the support between the porch canopy and garage. We've had to go out and retrieve them manually and put them inside every night. Sometimes I can get out there right at dusk and lure them in by sweet-talking them and tossing a bit of feed into the coop.

But the other night Carissa and her rock band were practicing in the garage. (Yes, it's true: we have a true garage band in our midst!) And I went out there to try to lure them in....and found four already in and two loitering by the door ready to go in. I had no idea that chickens liked hard rock music! But they went right in without a fuss. :-)

Come see Carissa's band, Pyroclasm play this Friday (March 20) at Audio Cinema, which is located at 226 SE Madison (under the Hawthorne bridge) at 6 pm. The $5 fee goes right to helping more girls make screamy music.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Zac's new blog!

Zachary wants everyone to know that he has a new blog. Zac definitely has a sense of humor. His blog is called Son of a....Priest?

Go visit and say hi!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Butterfly Birth is now live! Go check it out! Pregnant mamas, especially. For now it's all about my doula services (and Blessingway services too) but when I complete my midwifery training it'll be a website for that too.

Full credit where credit is due! My wonderful friend Maria is the creator of my website and she did a beautiful job. Thanks, Maria!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this....Portland?

It just doesn't know when to quit this year.

After our "Arctic Blast" in December, I figured that was enough snow for the whole year--heck, the whole decade. We were snowed in for two weeks and when we did get out by public transportation it was a nightmare.

But apparently the weather gods didn't think it was enough. I'm looking at huge fluffy flakes coming down fast and furious. It is beautiful. But I've had enough of the snow! I want warm weather back! It snowed yesterday too. We had our Sunday of Orthodoxy procession around the church yesterday, in the sleet. Fun times! It was okay until the very end when the wind started blowing and we all got cold. Paul even wore a kalimafki! (Shoot, I was going to link that to wikipedia telling what a kalimafki is, but I can't even find a definition on OrthodoxWiki. Ah, I did find one image of a priest wearing one.) He hasn't done that since we lived at St. Nicholas Ranch and he was showing the cultural Greek stuff to Elderhostel guests. He wore it to keep his head dry.

(Magpie--I thought of you during the service, that I should have warned you to watch for weird stuff happening at the church across the street from you! We were doing the weird stuff, too.)

Well, it is supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week, and in the 50s even. Can't wait for our perfect Portland summer.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love It!

Baby Blues addresses the functionality of breastfeeding. :-)