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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's Matt?

And if you're discouraged from thinking about elections, or the state of the world, or the economy, I have just the non-partisan antidote for you. Watch this video:

We've all been kind of obsessed with it. The first two times I watched it I cried tears of joy. And then we all watched it together, lots of times! And we still love it. And the last time we watched it, I was trying to get a better look at where the filming took place for the San Francisco shot....and I still am not sure where it took place because we all got sidetracked by recognizing friends in it! After you watch it several times you can look at the San Francisco shot and find the girl with long dark hair in the front on the right, and that's Jesse, and behind her with short light hair is her mom Robyn. Hi Jesse and Robyn! Cool to see you in such a cool video!

what's going on

Busy busy, that's what! Lots of stuff. Like, tomorrow I have my formal interview at the college of midwifery! When I was at class on Monday night, there was an interview being conducted across the hall from us. We heard lots of laughter coming from that room! We all hoped our interviews go that well. :-)

And this weekend I am attending a labor doula workshop, another prerequisite to entering the program. It's an intensive full weekend, Saturday and Sunday all day, and then one more weekend later in November.

And just to give me a bit more chance to study up on bones as an intensive Anatomy and Physiology study, Zac fell off his bike last week and broke his humerus, in the cancellous bone (which produces red marrow) and it may be a break across the epiphysial line. Meaning, it's at the end of one of the arm bones in the wrist, and the break may cross the growth plate which means he needs a specialist to make sure that it heals properly, because his arm still has some growing to do. And we didn't even figure out that he broke it until three days later....see, he fell off his bike and broke his arm four years ago, so he was sure, having this experience to fall back upon, that it wasn't broken. But when it was still painful and swollen three days later we figured we had to figure out what was going on.

So, he finally got his cast on yesterday, a week after he broke it. What neglectful parents we are. It's a pretty red cast and I said it's a good thing it's now, as opposed to in the hot summer, because it'll be a lot easier to deal with for three weeks (which I didn't think was too bad after all). I don't think it was actually all that bad of a break.

My anatomy and physiology class is going well. I think I'm getting the hang of it! It still seems like too much work but I'm fitting it in and getting into a rhythm. I like it that it's just a once-a-week class, so I can get all the work in at once for the whole week. And it's fun being in a class with all other women who are planning on being midwives. Not everyone in the class is applying this year, but they're all planning on applying at some point.

Think of me tomorrow (Thursday) between 5 and 6:15, and send up some light for me. I'm actually not nervous at all and am just excited. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Midwifery Application

I turned it in today. Just thought I'd let you all know. :-)

They should be calling me in for a formal interview within the next month or so. I'm excited!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Scooter Practicalities

At the risk of this becoming a scooter blog (is there anything so wrong with that? Maybe a scooter and midwifery blog!) I have added a list of what I have strapped to the back of my scooter or otherwise hauled on it. One thing I thought of when thinking about whether I could replace my car with a scooter is what do I haul stuff in? Now, I can't haul a dresser or anything like that on it....but I can fit an amazing amount of stuff on/in it. So here you can see, on my list, what kinds of things I'm finding practical for that. I'd love to hear from others with scooters, in the comments section, about what you haul on your scooter!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Here she is, my Dora. I got impatient of not having a picture and finally had Hibi take one with my phone camera. And yes, I do wear a helmet when riding, but that doesn't look very good for a picture, now does it?

By the way, in case you're interested (or for keywords for other owners!) it's a SYM Fiddle II.

A Scooter Tale

Just had to tell about the doofus thing I did on my scooter the other day!

It was Monday, the day of my Anatomy and Physiology class. It was a *gorgeous* day, high 80s. Perfect for riding. It was my day to bring a snack to class, and I'd thought at first that would preclude me riding my scooter but no! where there's a will there's a way. I made tabouli and put it in a cooler, then strapped it onto the back of Dora. It worked just fine. Then I rode down to Reed college, to meet a friend for studying together, then I went to New Seasons in Sellwood to get the remaining things I needed for my snack--feta, olives, pita. Came out, loaded Dora up, all ready to head for class.....and then....she wouldn't start. She was acting like she was out of gas! How could this be? It was still showing 1/8 tank full, and I'd only put 72 miles on it since the last fill-up (supposed to get 90+ mpg, and it has a 1 1/3 gallon tank). But I could not get Dora to start, so I set off for a gas station. When it dawned on me how far away the gas station was from where I was....I called a friend who lives right there in Sellwood, but he wasn't home. He did, however, help me figure out how to get there on the bus on his work computer. So, I did that--took the bus, got gas, took the bus back and of course I was going to be late for class.

And just as I got off the bus back at New Seasons....

I thought to myself, did I forget to turn off the kill switch?

There is a hidden button on my scooter to make it impossible for a thief to just hotwire it....and I'd thought that it would just cut off the battery altogether. But apparently it makes it seem like it's out of gas.

And so, I had to try it before I put the gas in...and of course that's what it was. Wasted time, late for class! But I have a good story to tell. And next time I think it's out of gas, I'll remember to check the kill switch!

The Next Step for me

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time. But I am busy with that next step and finding myself with much less free time! So, here I am, on a Thursday afternoon with a couple of errands to do and studying to get done.....but I want to write this out first. So here goes.

I wrote about the restless feeling I've had for over a year. Developmental, getting close to 40 stuff. Kids getting older. Feeling the need to get out and find something meaningful. But what?

Paul and I have also had our challenges. Being married for 19 years, two kids, mortgage, pets, church, settling into life in Portland.....we have changed a lot in the 20 years we've been together, but perhaps hadn't changed our relationship accordingly. This summer took us through lots of examination of how our marriage works, how our family works, how we'd like to be and how to get there. And here's part of what that change looks like for me.

I am planning to enter a midwifery program in the spring! There is a college of midwifery right here in Portland, and I am currently taking an Anatomy and Physiology class there--a pre-requisite for entering the program. I'll also be taking a doula workshop to fulfill another requirement. I am so excited! And scared, too. I have been thinking about birth since Hibi was born, and about midwifery since Zac was born. I've put it on hold, maybe even blocked it out of my thinking, because it didn't seem possible or plausible. (Don't we already have one high-demand career in this family?) But here I am, at this juncture, jumping off and not looking back. It is a risk, but I think I'm up for it. I hope I am!

That all means some changes in how our family works. Paul has already taken on a lot more housework, and is even cooking at least once a week! The kids have even stepped up and are doing much more than they'd done before. And as far as homeschooling goes....the plan right now is for Zac to go to school in the spring, when I'll be starting my program full-time. He is actually looking forward to it! I think it's really just what he needs right now. Homeschooling has worked really well for us for many years....but it's time to re-evaluate and figure out what works best for us right now. This seems like it could work very well for all of us.