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Friday, October 3, 2008

Scooter Practicalities

At the risk of this becoming a scooter blog (is there anything so wrong with that? Maybe a scooter and midwifery blog!) I have added a list of what I have strapped to the back of my scooter or otherwise hauled on it. One thing I thought of when thinking about whether I could replace my car with a scooter is what do I haul stuff in? Now, I can't haul a dresser or anything like that on it....but I can fit an amazing amount of stuff on/in it. So here you can see, on my list, what kinds of things I'm finding practical for that. I'd love to hear from others with scooters, in the comments section, about what you haul on your scooter!

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Mimi said...

Are you going to Midwifery School?????????? I'm so jealous if you are. I'd love to virtually come along on the journey.