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Friday, June 1, 2007

Why yes, she is blogging a lot today

That's because it's about all I'm good for today. I am unfathomably sore from doing a Women Build project yesterday. I've done hard work before, and haven't come away this sore. It must have been all that up and down the ladder and trapeze-artisting through the trusses. We put the second half of a roof on a house that's slated for a single mom and her 17 year old son. In the very hot sun. Yeah, weather.com and the newspaper agree that it was only 84 yesterday, but when I was done for the day and driving from the project over to pick up my kids, I passed by one of those electric temperature signs and it said 91. Yow!

Anyway, I enjoyed the day, even if it did make me sore. I love the concept of having just women on the project, because as the organization points out, yes, women are welcome to build alongside men on the regular projects. But the way this world is set up encourages men to take the upper hand at these types of projects. It's all too easy for women to stand aside and let the men do the "real work". I saw this at Project Mexico...we were there with a group of high schoolers. There were a lot fewer girls than boys in the first place, and then when it came time to do the difficult things, like mixing concrete, you saw the macho studs come out. Oh, let us handle this, while you stand back and admire our macho studliness. Yeah, I don't think so.

So here I sit, with a very sore left leg which makes the stairs in my house a dreaded task. Paul took the kids to Free Geek to volunteer, to work toward a free computer. (Cool!) So I'll just sit here, in my windowless basement computer room, and blog, because I don't want to climb those stairs again.

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