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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Paul's Birthday, Computer Woes, and Rock Concert

First and foremost: Happy 39th birthday to my beloved husband Paul! I was in New Seasons this morning and the cashier asked how my weekend was going. I said great! It's my husband's birthday! She asked how old he is, and I said 39. She said she celebrates her 39th every year, which prompted me to tell her that this is his *first* 39th. :-)

So, computer woes: we've had the proverbial computer crash. It was turning itself off for about a year, unexpectedly, but usually a good vacuuming out did the trick. This time nothing worked, and then it refused to boot up. We all were thinking that our poor computer had passed from our midst. But the nice guys at the computer repair shop are pretty sure it can be fixed. Hurray for computer repair guys! Right now we're all at the library, checking our email.

Tonight the Indigo Girls are playing in Portland! And if you don't know already, Indigo Girls is our very favorite band in the whole wide world. So we were very unhappy when we found out the tickets were sold out! Fortunately, a friend from church is the general manager at KINK, the alternative rock station in town, and it was, in his words, "No problem!" We even get to meet them before the show. Can't wait!

I'll leave it at that--I've only got 12 minutes of my hour of computer time left. It's gonna be a long two weeks...


DebD said...

Happy Birthday and many years to Father. I hope the Indigo Girls' concert is a smash.

Wacky Mommy said...

Happy Father's Day!

and you two are so lucky -- I love the Indigo Girls. I keep celebrating my 29th -- maybe I should change that to 39 and holding? ;)

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Father Paul, Many Years!

And, enjoy the concert!

Molly Newman said...

Happy belated birthday to Paul! Hope you had a wonderful celebration and a great time at the Indigo Girls.

Hey, the boys are in day camp all this week... are you around and available to grab some coffee? Next week (with my mom in tow)?