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Friday, June 8, 2007

What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

The first two blossoms on the zucchini plant! The one on the right opened yesterday and the other opened today. Exciting!I really didn't expect little tomatoes on my tomato plants so early, but three of them do have fruit on them already! Here's the Stupice:and the Gold Nugget! I guess I didn't get a pic of the Oregon Spring plant that's got quite a large tomato. Next time!After the basil first came up, it just sat there for the longest time. But it's finally springing up, and I think if we ever get any warm weather again, it'll be ready for pesto in a couple of weeks. Look at all that kale! If anyone wants some, let me know--I can't eat all that by myself!
Didn't it turn out beautifully? And it'll still grow into more than this!
It's been interesting watching the different rates of growth of different plants. I planted beans right next to those peas, but the peas are going crazy and the beans are just getting started. And I planted lots of radishes, all at basically the same time, and I've been getting radishes for ages. They just keep coming! I planted them where I wanted to plant tomatoes, thinking the radishes would be gone by the time I needed to plant the radishes there. Well, I'm needing them out of there because the tomatoes need that room! I did go through and mercilessly pull the ones that were choking the tomatoes the worst yesterday. I'll probably need to be even more merciless.

And the carrot tops are huge....but the carrots themselves are tiny! I suppose I could pull them and call them "baby carrots." :-)

I continue to be amazed at the rates of growth in Oregon in the springtime! Everything just explodes with new life. Amazing.


Lisa said...

Wow, Elizabeth! Your garden looks so productive. It's beautiful.

Molly Newman said...

It looks gorgeous... and delicious! We'll have to keep an eye out when we go for our next family walk. Can't wait.

karrie said...

Oh, wow!

I have blossoms on my Early Girls--that's it. I hope to have a roof garden next year, assuming ou deck is complete. I'd love to grow zucchini.