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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Garden Path

Here's what we started out with yesterday (we converted it to garden space in December):
And here's what we did with it!  

Last year when we went to the Rebuilding Center and bought a cart-load of broken granite counter pieces, we paid $50 for them and were happy for it.  Yesterday, I went and found the same size of cart-load, and asked how much.  The guy said $15!  I tried to talk him up but he'd have none of it.  :-)

I even found a fossil in one of the pieces.  

And here's how the established garden is looking, this first day of March.  St. Francis was Paul's Christmas gift.  We like him there.  


Ali said...

Does the granite work to walk on, or is it slippery? We've been trying to figure out what to do for a path in our back yard, wanting to re-use something. We'll definitely have to check out the Rebuilding Center!

Mimi said...

I like it a lot!

Matt said...

Very nice. Do your neighbors mind? Mine would.They have some kind of lawn fetish.

Elizabeth said...

Ali--The granite is slippery sometimes. I have been thinking about trying to rough it up with sandpaper or something. The Rebuilding Center is a very cool resource!

Thanks, Mimi!

Matt--no, our neighbors don't mind. We live in a neighborhood that's kind of slated for gentrification, but it's not there yet. Still a good place to live if you want to do something out of the ordinary, because the neighbors don't care in the least. I get all kinds of good comments from people walking by when I'm out working in the garden.

Molly Newman said...

It looks beautiful, and has the promise of more beauty to come. Love it, especially the Rebuilding Center granite paths! Why didn't I think of that? Our sad little yard could be looking so nice...

architect said...

Looks great! Looks like you have some tasty tidbits in there. We've been enjoying home grown almost organic carrots - yumm!
enjoy the st. francis statue - we may get one someday, but only if he is holding a bowl, so james can put gummy worms in it. =)
do you have any plans to do a herb garden in your new granite work?

Bluecanopy said...

looks cool! i've been moving around bricks in my backyard trying to spruce it up...it's fun.

Elizabeth said...