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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gardening Dreams

I dreamed last night that I went out to check out my garden, thinking of what I could plant new this year, and found just old plants from last year had taken up all the room there. No room for anything new and exciting! Ack! Not even everything that I had last year was there, just some of it. I think my brain is telling me it's time to start working on garden plans. Or perhaps there's a deeper meaning here....

It's certainly not true, anyway. (Phew!) In December, we converted the second half of our front lawn into garden space, but it's still just dirt, not even a garden path yet. We're going to work on the path this Friday. It'll be a starburst pattern this time, to complement the labyrinth on the other side.

Anyone else working on garden plans? Or actually planting? One gardener's blog I read who lives here in Portland is talking all about the seeds she's bought and started indoors already. I'm thinking, am I behind? Oh no! I'm also wondering if I'll just do the lazy thing and buy starts at the farmer's market, like I did last year (after trying to start plants indoors and failing miserably) or will I do what it takes to get a system set up for starting seeds? What have you done, and how does it work?

I'm sure looking forward to all those tomatoes, and basil, and squash, and greens....I still have some live plants in my garden, but they're all harvested out, and it's not quite warm enough for them to start growing again. Although the garlic I planted in November is coming up!

Spring is such an exciting time in Oregon. I'm looking forward to it!


Mimi said...

We haven't gardened very successfully, but I am thinking of trying again. Do you have a recommendation for information on what zone we are and for what to grow in a very shady spot?

Christina said...

my new thing for this year is square foot gardening. I have a book and I am going to have Paul build a raised bed in the front side yard for tomatoes and peppers because it gets tons of sun! I am very excited to try this out this year. we have a friend who does his own starts and offered us some of his... i have never tried starts and, because we live in a small house, i don't think we could do it.

Magpie Ima said...

Just one thought here: don't be fooled by the stellar weather we've been enjoying. It will be cold and wet again before it's planting time. I think somehow the local nurseries conspire to arrange the fake spring we see every year. Everyone runs out and buys plans and seeds most of which rot in the ground before spring comes for real in May and everything has to be replaced.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Magpie, what a party pooper. ;-) I know, I'm not going to go out and actually plant anything right now. Though it does take some restraint as we have had wonderful weather! I'm just thinking about planning.

Mimi, I keep forgetting what zone *I'm* in. I'd suggest going to a good gardening shop in your city, a small one where they can give you some individual advice. Talk to them about what you specifically want--as specifically as you know. They'll have good suggestions. Do you have sunny spots as well as shady spots? Because you will be rewarded much more for what you grow in the sun. I think you said you can't do what we did, and convert the front yard? Because of rules?

Christina, that sounds cool. I'd like to hear about how it goes! Post some pics on your blog.