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Monday, February 11, 2008


We have yet another addition to the family! I pointed out to Zac that now the non-human to human ratio at our house (including the chickens, who live outside the house) is 2 to 1. 8 animals and 4 humans.

On Thursday Zac and I went to the humane society, just to look, as we hadn't decided that he could get a pet yet. He fell in love with a rabbit named Daisey. We went home and on Friday, we had the discussion and decided that yes, Zac could bring Daisey home. So we went and got the cage, food, and everything we'd need for Daisey.

Then we all went to the humane society. Daisey wasn't there. Oh, no!

But she'd just been sent out to a pet store, for more exposure to get her adopted. We headed up to Vancouver in Friday rush hour traffic to retrieve Daisey. Yay! Zac is very happy.

And she's a very congenial bunny! She likes hopping all over Zac's room, and seems to get along fine with the cat. They aren't actually playing together yet, but not for lack of interest on Daisey's part! She will go hide and then JUMP! out. I think she's trying to get Cordelia to play, but Cordelia is content to just watch Daisey at this point. At least Daisey is highly amusing to Cordy!

And yes, I know that Daisey should be spelled with no e. That's just how her paperwork came. I'll have to see if Zac wants to change it to Daisy. A matter of utmost importance, I'm sure.

The picture is Zac reading The Cat in the Hat to his bunny. :-)


Mimi said...

I always wanted a bunny! How cool is she?

ElizO said...

What a sweetie!

Molly Newman said...

What a cute bunny! Will have to hide these pics from Fisher; he's been bugging us for months (years!) about wanting a rabbit. Daisey looks like a sweetheart.