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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Girl Hibiscus

Today Hibi is 14.  14 seems so much more firmly entrenched in the teenaged years than 13.  13 seemed sweet and young yet, eager, still waiting to find out what happens in life.  14 seems like she knows all about this teen stuff.  Plus it seems loud.  She got an electric guitar for her birthday!  Paul and Hibi actually went and got it on Friday, so she's had it for a few days, but today Paul went out and got the amp that she was still missing.  Suddenly our lives are more...live!  She really sounds awesome on it.  And she really needs a microphone now, so we can hear her singing over the guitar!  
I attended a discussion on feminism on Sunday evening, and I was sharing about how Hibi made me a feminist, not the other way around.  I shared about her correcting me on the use of the pronoun--when she was one year old, I'd be saying something like "look at that squirrel!  He has a nut."  And she'd say "She, mom!  That squirrel is a she."  But I forgot to say how life-affirming and powerful her actual birth was.  I think that's when she started making me a feminist--at the moment she was born.  No messing around--when she kicked and broke my water, it was four hours until she came out.  She was just ready.  
She was just reading this over my shoulder and laughing about the squirrel thing.  She says it's silly.  But my dear Hibi, you are not silly, even though you act silly sometimes.  You are seriously making the world a better place, and I love you!


ElizO said...

Happy Birthday, Hibi, and your song sounded fabulous today with your new guitar. We are so impressed with your great singing voice! Hope we get to hear more.

Jennifershmoo said...

Happy Birthday, Hibi!!

Mimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Hibi! I prayed for her yesterday morning! Many Years!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Hibi! Yes, 14 is different than 13. I agree. I love it, though. We have some amazing daughters! Hope to be able to see you guys soon.