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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama in Portland!

And another Obama item! He'll be in Portland on Friday morning! Rally at 9:30, doors open at 7:30--yes that's a.m. Yawn. But I'll be there, along with Paul. Our silly children are content to let this historic moment pass them by as long as they get to sleep. :-P

Tickets are free but required. Go here for more info. Oh, oops, too late--they don't have any more tickets. I'm glad I got mine!


Mimi said...

Awesome! Enjoy

And, I like your new profile pic too!

Molly Newman said...

You got a ticket?!? I am so jealous! Popped over to the Web site as soon as I heard about it but had already missed out. Alas... well, I'm looking forward to your writeup.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Mimi!

And Molly, I'll make sure and tell you all about it. You can be sure!

Mimi said...

How was it???????