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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Local Internet Provider?

When we first moved to Portland, we decided to go with Ecosky for our internet provider. It was a local ISP that used solar and wind power to run the business, which we thought was pretty cool. Plus we got cool @ecosky.com email addresses. :-) Then, after just a year, they went out of business. We decided, the heck with small local businesses--let's go back to Earthlink, a business that's huge and global and not going out of business anytime soon. But they have real customer service issues, and we haven't liked talking to someone in who-knows-where when we call, who doesn't know what we're talking about. We never received the modem they said they'd send, either.

I'm hoping to find a stable AND local ISP. One with a social conscience and provides good internet service. Can any of you local Portland area folks help me out with that?


Ali said...


They are awesome. Small, friendly, and great customer service. Also reasonable prices. We've used them for years. If you do use them, and you tell them I sent you, I can earn a prize. :-)

Neuropoet said...

Hi Elizabeth! I was sent over to your corner of cyberspace by Nissa at Simple Gifts when she found out we had to move to Portland. :) We ended up going with comcast.net - basically because they had a decent rate and were big enough they weren't likely to have connection problems. :) (Out in the sticks where we came from we had a little ISP - but it was constantly going down - not very useful when the internet is necessary for my husband's job and degree work!) :) So far comcast has been wonderful - the customer service is great (the guy who hooked us up ended up having to spend three hours working on it because our wires were cut for some reason - we had no idea since we only moved into this rental about 2 weeks ago)! I'm willing to recommend them, though I don't know much about the company. :)

Hope you find one that works for you soon!! :)