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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


'bout time I posted, hey? We've been in Tucson for Thanksgiving. Zac was there for over three weeks, as he went home with his grandparents when they came to visit, early in November. He enjoyed it--he did very different things from what he usually does. Went to two basketball games with his granddad. Went to a park that has bumper boats and arcade games with his great uncle. Played Pollyanna with his great grandmother. He had a great time but he's glad to be back in Portland! We made it home in two days, in part due to his pushing to get back. Over half of that drive time I was the only driver, as we dropped Paul off at LAX so he could get back in time for church on Sunday.

Anyway, now we're back in Portland and very content to be back. I realized as we were leaving Portland this time that I so miss Portland when we leave it! I used to just love travel, and I still do like it, but I think that our fair city is just about perfect for us. Rain and all. And even though yesterday I just about froze my you-know-what off while cleaning out the car. (Originally I was thinking to wash it too, but it was in the 30s--no way was I going to turn on water out there!) This, just after having soaked in all that Tucson sun and warmth.

I put up a Goodreads button on my blog a while ago and I just wanted to draw attention to it, because it's a fun way of sharing books. I think it could work nicely for people who don't have blogs, because you don't *have* to write anything if you don't want to. So, go check out out my Goodreads and start one for yourself. Leave me the link to yours, so I can find you there!


DebD said...

I've been enjoying GoodReads myself and hadn't thought that it would be a good alternative for those without blogs... what a excellent idea! You've given me some good reading ideas from your own list.

Mimi said...

Oooooh, sounds like a lovely trip!

Agape said...

I wish we had spent more time talking when we meet irl. I would love to know more about Portland, the Church and the Orthodox School. I can only imagine what Portland must be like. Tucson sun sounds good though! In some ways this part of NY and the people here remind me of PNW people. The don't mind the weather the get out and about by foot and bike and they seem more crunchy then other Ohio folk. Glad you had a nice trip. That must be some drive! I know about having to get the dh back on Sundays though! LOL We had a similar situation a few weeks ago.

Elizabeth said...

Agape, we'll meet again! Are you planning to go to DC for clergy laity next year? We're going to bring the kids this time--just too big of an opportunity to miss for them.

I'd love to tell you all about Portland and our church, but I don't know much about the school. I know they switched to a Montessori curriculum this year, and they moved to the other Greek Orthodox church in town. That's about it! Christina has her son at the school--http://cblankens.blogspot.com/ and Katie Xenia's sister teaches there--http://xeniat.blogspot.com/ so you can get more info from one of those sources. The Dorrances also have one daughter--I think?--at the school, and you may see them at CL next summer.