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Monday, October 1, 2007

Too Busy to Blog!

Wow, I didn't think we could get busier than we were in the summer. At least we're not traveling as much! Now that church is back in full swing with Sunday School and youth activities and Holy Trinity will be made a cathedral on October 21 and there's choir to prepare for that, and our homeschool co-op is back in session and we've already been to pick apples and see the swifts settling for the night in the Chapman school. But the biggest single thing that's making me much busier than before is this. Yes, remember, faithful readers, when a year and a half ago I came back from an MLK celebration gushing about Aurora Chorus? I got on their waiting list then, but when the invited me to sing with them the following September I declined, because I was having major issues with my singing voice. I went to the doctor and found that it was because of acid reflux. I had to work pretty hard to find a doctor that told me that studies have shown that taking apple cider vinegar every day is just as effective for acid reflux as popping a pill. So, that's what I've done and my acid reflux is under control, when I take the apple cider vinegar every day.

So, I joined Aurora this September! Aurora Chorus is a group of women, 113 of us this term, who sing for peace. It has been more challenging than I'd thought it would be; it's just more difficult music than I'd thought, and more rewarding too. It's a great group of women, a community, really. But there's a lot to do when you're an Aurora member! Music to practice and learn and, eventually, be able to sing from memory, weekly practices, potluck, retreat, sectionals, and extra stuff for the new members like me, to make sure we all know how to read music or at least how to count beats, and to learn diction to make sure people can understand us in concerts. My experience with Aurora so far has been wonderful, rewarding, challenging, hard, life-affirming, overwhelming, and I think that I have a chance to be a part of a close-knit network of women, which is A Good Thing.

So, all this by way of saying: save the date! If you'd like to hear Aurora yourself, come to our concert on December 16! More info to be announced.


DebD said...

I miss being in a community chorus and have been thinking about finding one for next winter... but I"m too busy too!!

Enjoy yourself.

Molly Newman said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth! I'd love to hear the Aurora Chorus perform. Here's hoping you get a chance to take a moment and breathe sometime soon... probably not in the next few weeks, though, huh?

Mimi said...

Oooooh, Congratulations!

We should go, Molly, in December and see the performance!

Elizabeth said...
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