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Thursday, October 11, 2007

And if you missed it....

like I did....I didn't mention here that I was out of town for festival weekend, did I? A National Presvyteres Retreat (presvyteres are priests' wives) intervened. Next year I'll be there, but until then, I have this video!

Pretty impressive, eh? If certainly decidedly *not* vegetarian! And it was a featured video on the Travelistic site. Cool!

Okay, so I am kind of squeamish about posting this with the front picture of the dead animal on the spit. Eww! I apologize to my fellow vegetarian readers.


Christina said...

we were there on sunday. my parents had to miss the festival this year... they are having their own greek fest, in greece. so would it just be called a festival if you are in greece??1?!?!?
see you at the women's retreat!

Mimi said...

I'm sorry you missed it! I enjoyed the Tacoma one this weekend!

However, it sounds like you had a good retreat.