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Friday, October 26, 2007

Six Years Ago Today

Paul was ordained to the priesthood! On October 26, 2001 Paul left the ranks of the diaconate, where he'd been for almost three years, and became a priest. We were told just before he was ordained that he would be assigned to be the director of St. Nicholas Ranch, where we would move one month later. And at his ordination, at the lunch afterwards, our bishop, Metropolitan Anthony (of blessed memory) told everyone in attendance that for his gift to Fr. Paul, he would take our whole family to Crete with him. Huh? What did he say? He couldn't possibly have said that....but he did. We moved on December 1, and on December 3 we were in the sky, off to Crete with Metropolitan Anthony and Bishop Anthimos. Quite the beginning of priesthood! We met some wonderful people in Crete. We were just thinking about Papa Giorgio yesterday, what a different kind of ministry he has there in the village oustide of Iraklion. He is the village priest, and he has no office. "Office hours" were a foreign concept to him. Rather, he wanders the village and is visible and available to people who need him. He is paid by the government, and not well enough to live on, so his family grows olives for olive oil as well.

Paul's six years in the priesthood has been a ride! St. Nicholas Ranch, then back to San Francisco in order to help Metropolitan Anthony get ready for retirement. Then seeing him die of cancer instead, very quickly. Receiving our new bishop, Metropolitan Gerasimos, helping him get settled in San Francisco, and then our move here to Portland, Paul's first parish assignment. It's been a wonderful but very different life!

Happy Ordination Anniversary to you, dear Paul!


Mimi said...

Happy Anniversary to Father Paul and Many Years!

What a ride!

DebD said...

Happy Anniversary to all! What a wonderful ride.