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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have to say, all this snow is good for blogging. Good for home-improvement projects, too! As long as you have the materials you need. Which we did--we went to the Rebuilding Center on Friday and got the old molding and found one hook, and to Rejuvenation for the rest of the hooks. Then all that was needed was some screws (and a new drill, as our old cordless has officially bitten the dust) which could be obtained at the Fred Meyer that's only two blocks from our house--easy walking distance. (Well, I say easy, because it wasn't *me* walking it!)

We bought a coat rack when we got to Portland three years ago. We bought it from a place that specializes in making their own wood products, which is what we thought the coat rack was. It was only when it literally fell apart last year that we saw the label on the bottom: made in China. What gives? Anyway, I think this will definitely be more sturdy. And we'll sure appreciate it after being without a coat rack for a year now.

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