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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christ is Born!

One thing I've always loved about the icon of the Nativity of Christ is the midwives down in the right corner. :-) They are bathing the infant Jesus. Of course Jesus was born in the presence of midwives--that's how most babies in the history of the world have been born.

And yes, there are two Jesuses in this icon. Orthodox iconography has never felt the need to portray life as a photograph. There are many moments in time all wrapped into one icon here. The central figures, of course, are Mary and Jesus, lying in a manger (with cattle looking on). And then there is Joseph in the left corner, doubting the virginity of his bride, those doubts being fostered by the devil, who is portrayed as an old man. In the center left the wise men travel to find the baby, and to the right and top the shepherds are amazed by angels telling of the newborn king. So, you can see the whole story, here in this one icon. Pretty brilliant, huh?

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Mimi said...

Glorify Him!

I've always loved the midwives too!