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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Poet Zac

Zac doesn't write a whole lot (though with starting school, he will be writing more...) but when he does write, I am constantly amazed. Where does this come from? I ask every time I read something he wrote. Anyway, here's what he just wrote:

by the fire getting warm, there seems to be a feeble form, a babe in a box of down? with a face not yet brown from the sun? does this child have a name? huddled by the feeble flame? with his feeble head of hair, the babe jesus sitting there? with the fire burning bright, in the darkness of the night.
A good Christmas week to all who celebrate it!


Karyn Hinz said...

This is lovely, Elizabeth!

ElizO said...

Beautiful piece by Zac!

Mimi said...

That's beautiful!

Merry Christmas!