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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whole Bunch of Groceries

I got four bags plus a backpack of groceries on my scooter today! That's a bunch!

I also bought a "scooter skirt" yesterday in the attempt to stay warm while on my scooter. It was in the high 40s and wet but not raining when I went grocery shopping. And I was warm with: scooter skirt, water-resistant (not water-proof, a I found on Monday night...) pants, jeans, thermal underwear, shirt, thinsulate/fleece hoody, scarf, heavy jacket, and gloves. Gosh. I hope I'll be warm enough when it dips into the 30s! One thing I hadn't really thought of until I got my scooter was how cold that wind chill factor makes riding.


Magpie Ima said...

I had no idea such thins existed but, according to friend of mine, one can purchase self-heating garments. Shall I find out more?

Mimi said...

I'd love to see a photo of that! And, good grocery carrying.

Rebeca said...

Very cool! The midwifery thing is exciting too! Keep us posted.