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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Follow-up to the Abortion Issue

This website just about perfectly sums up my own beliefs on the issue:
ProLife Obama

To only illegalize abortion would simply make for more unsafe abortion practices, and would make abortion more of an upper-class practice. To truly support life involves a much more complex societal shift.


mariagwyn said...

Here is an site which touches on this issue, as well as larger issues of the common good from a Catholic perspective.


Liz said...

this sounds all well and good, but there are a lot of immoral actions that shouldn't remain legal simply because people can hurt themselves even worse doing it illegally and/or the rich can get away with it. I do not see things as having "improved" since abortion was made legal. The legality gave it a stamp of approval which now provides an even greater so called safety net for people to rationalize sex outside of marriage. It also give men an even more cavalier attitude to enjoy sex without strings and if the woman DOES become pregnant, with abortion so acceptable, its very hard to argue against him making it HER CHOICE to have the baby so that therefore, he is not obligated to contribute financially. Before i was a Christian I knew many many men who felt that they were being very kind to a pregnant girlfriend to pony up the money for an abortion. Helping to care for a child they created wasn't even on their radar screen. All this made possible by legal abortion.
I would also venture to say that most of the women having abortions are there for their own immoral actions. Dealing with the consequences of your actions (in this case, a baby) is what mature adults do when they screw up (no pun intended).
Legalized abortion is the biggest lie foisted on women in history. The fact that some people are so determined they will do it illegally is not, in my book, a reason to legalize it. While we are at it, let's just legalize meth, because so many people get killed obtaining it from thugs since its illegal. Same logic.
Some of the rich are ALWAYS going to use their position to their advantage to snake their way around laws that lesser endowed people simply have to abide by. Let's just keep rape legal because the rich get away with it and the poor don't. This is just very very poor logic....

Xenia Kathryn said...

If "pro-abortion" really plays off of the "equal opportunity" agenda, then why can't lower income/impoverished women likewise choose life? IT seems that democrats are saying "Hey, if a woman doesn't have access to healthcare, she has every right to abort her baby."

So, is pregnancy and birth then only a privilege for the rich and the elite?

I really don't like the mentality that "if you don't have all of your ducks in a row and have all the money in order" then you don't deserve to procreate. Truly, if that were the case, then my husband and I wouldn't have our eldest daughter.

There are SO MANY public funded programs AND private organizations to help pregnant women in need. Women who choose to utilize those options will use them.

And usually the "women" who are getting abortions aren't "women" at all. They are scared young girls from well-to-do families who take the 'easy out', only to wind up scarred and grieving for the rest of their lives. I just don't see how abortion is in the best interest of the wholistic woman.

Elizabeth said...

Katie, I think you are perhaps responding to someone else rather than to what I said, because I didn't ever say that poor women should get abortions. I am arguing for reducing the number of abortions through practical means. There are *some* means of support for women out there, but not nearly what is needed. In the Netherlands, there are very liberal means of support for every woman having a baby, AND the most liberal abortion laws, and abortion rates are very low.

I stated in the previous post to which this post is a follow-up that I believe every abortion to be a tragedy. I just don't think that making it illegal is going to solve any of the problems surrounding it.

I certainly don't think that poor people don't "deserve" to procreate! I think that every child is a blessing from God. That is why I want our country to help people who need it.

Xenia Kathryn said...

I'm sorry, I wrote that on the fly and really should have thought it through a little more. As you probably noticed, I have strong leanings in the pro-life department. I don't like to "talk politics" very often, but sometimes I have to do it impulsively or I'll never say anything at all. So for not having thought it through more clearly, I apologize.

I was thinking of a previous post of yours where I thought you mentioned it's a tragedy when women don't have health care, which in turn drives them to have abortions. (or at least that was my interpretation). That's what I was initially responding to.

As you can see, we might not see eye-to-eye on this issue, but I appreciate your graciousness in responding to my comment (which most likely came across as an attack, which wasn't really my intent. When it comes to the things that mean the most to me, I seem to lose my ability to articulate very well, which gets me in trouble. Lord have mercy!).

With all sincerity!

Elizabeth said...

Goodness, Katie, I understand personally what you're talking about! I have been pretty darn strident in the past, and still have moments when I cannot form a coherent thought and have to choose between not saying anything and saying something that sounds really harsh. I have to admit that it did look somewhat like an attack, but since I know you personally and believe that you are not someone who would attack, I took your argument in the best possible light. So no worries. :-)

It's certainly okay to disagree. When I put up posts like this one, I expect disagreement!

And by the way, I've come to the conclusion that it's better to speak up than not to. I like the saying "Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes." I am learning to, and I'm glad you are as well.