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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Muesli the hen

It looks like we can call Muesli our hen now! Seems she's decided it's a fine place to live and a good family of hens here. She started out just by staying longer than she'd been, and a couple of nights when the hens were getting ready to go in for the night, we picked her up and put her in. Then we had nights when we weren't here at dusk and she finally decided that she could go in by herself. She's been in for three nights now of her own volition! And laying really tiny beautiful eggs that I look forward to sampling once Lent is over. :-)

And speaking of which, yes, as Deb said, I'm slowing down with blogging. Just too much going on, and too little going on all at the same time. And I'm ready for cheese and not having it yet. Soon....I'm sure I'll be back before Pascha so I won't say Kali Anastasi yet. ;-)


Mimi said...

Tiny, beautiful eggs! That's so awesome! Good job, Muesli!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Muesli update. I'd asked Zac how she was doing last weekend... it was a delight shepherding him and the other Zac(h) through firebuilding, knot tying and knife safety classes, BTW.