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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bright Tuesday Post

Ah, I once again overestimated how much time I'd have to blog during Holy Week!  We don't do anything but Holy Week during Holy Week so I always think I will have plenty of time for "home" kinds of things.  But there are hours and hours and hours of church services in there, and plus cooking!  It was an amazing, exhausting, same kind of holy week but different kind of holy week.  I'm always amazed at how I remember the rhythm from year to year but it's always a new experience, too.  

This year there was a difference for me.  Holy Saturday is traditionally the time of bringing new Christians into the church.  And this year we had 10 (10!) new members join our community on Holy Saturday.  Five were brought in by baptism.  And one, Jonna, gave me the honor of asking me to sponsor her.  I was delighted!  Jonna is married to a Greek man, but instead of converting before they got married, as some do, she took her time to get to know the church.  She's been very involved in our community, helping with the Cusina cooking program we did in the fall (along with follow-up sessions).  I am happy to be her godmother.  This was the first time I'd sponsored an adult, so it was a new experience for me!  

I helped with the chanting all week and sometimes was in charge of it.  And I am happy to report that the apple cider vinegar remedy for my acid reflux has really done well for me this year.  That didn't stop my voice from being completely thrashed by the last hymn I sang:
It is the Day of Resurrection
Let us be radiant in the Festival!
Let us embrace one another.
Let  us call brother and sister
Even those who hate us 
And forgive all things in the Resurrection.
And therefore, let us proclaim!
that Christ is Risen from the dead
By death trampling down death!
and to those in the tombs
bestowing  Life!

Sunday was Great and Holy Pascha--Easter in the Orthodox church.  We had our midnight service and our 11 am service, which seems like a lot but by that time in the week it just seems like normal!  On Sunday afternoon we had three different gatherings to attend.  I ate a small amount at each and still found myself able to eat--just barely!--at the third.  I tried my first vodka ever, which I surprised myself by liking.  I don't usually like hard liquor straight up.   

Paul didn't get to rest yesterday like I did, but is taking today off.  He is working on the greenhouse we've started building, and will come to homeschool co-op with us in a bit.  Tonight is Taize service at the Catholic Worker house, and we plan to go for that.  A nice, relaxing day.  

A happy Bright Week to you all!


Mimi said...

Christ is Risen!

Congratulations, Jonna is very blessed to have you as a Godmother!

Many Years!

DebD said...

Christ is Risen! I hope you have a joyous and restful Bright Week

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back! I missed your posts.

Ryuu said...

You didn't credit me for altering the hymn!!! :O