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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on me!

Wow. Now that I've broken the months' long silence here, I'll let you all know what's happening here. I am currently on summer break from school. I start back on September 17--we get a nice long 2 1/2 month break. I have finally gotten enough work to keep me afloat. During the summer, I am working 4 days per week, which is great for saving up a bit for my school bill which is not all covered by my student loans. I'm doing childcare for two different families, and starting soon I'll add a third family. In the fall, I will be doing one day with each family, and going to school full-time. Phew! I am really hoping I'm not taking on too much....I suppose I can always drop one of these days if I need to, but I also hate to let families down.

The fall term is Well Woman Gynecology for me and my second-year midwifery class. It's one of those things that we were all told about at the beginning....and I was dreading for a long time. Because the way my school teaches this subject is that we learn on each other. How are we to learn how to do pap smears and vaginal exams if we don't have actual vaginas to practice on? So, we use each others'. And I was dreading this for the longest time....and now I see the genius of my school's system. We are intensely with our own class for four terms, 1 1/3 years, and then we have gyn. So now we all know each other quite well and it's not such a thing anymore. What I'm really dreading now is hematology.....practicing IV skills and drawing blood on each other! That's always been the part of midwifery that has kept me from doing it. For years, over a decade! That won't be for another couple of terms though, so I've got some time before that particular skill is demystified.

I'm also taking Botanicals II, which I am so looking forward to. Taking Botanicals I really opened my eyes to the world of herbal medicine, and I have gotten so excited to try all kinds of things. Also on the slate for this term is Human Genetics and STIs. I am so enjoying my studies!

So, there ya go, a boring update on what I'm doing. ;-)

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monica said...

funny, because i was just thinking of you the other day.

how are the kids doing??