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Thursday, August 9, 2007


Okay, maybe I'm culturally illiterate, but could anyone give me the definition of the phrase, "ripping me a new one"? Does it mean ripping a new hole in your body? Or what? Anyone? Liz?


Jennifershmoo said...

Um, well, it means literally to rip someone a new asshole. But figuratively it means to verbally attack someone or inflict harsh punishment. As in, "Oh man, I just wrecked my dad's new Porsche. He's totally going to rip me a new one."

Ali said...

What you need to know is, if someone offers to, the correct answer is "no, thank you."

Mimi said...

I concur with Jennifer

DebD said...

Bwahhaaahaa. And I thought it had something to do with an iPod because my dh is always "ripping a song" for his from CDs. :)

I guess I'm culturally illiterate too.

Elizabeth said...

When I brought it up with Paul, he's like, of course! Actually, at first it was "oh please" because it's what I was accused of in the comments under my "weekend" post. Ah, well.

He said it's an old saying. He knows a lot more than I do about slang....