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Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this....Portland?

It just doesn't know when to quit this year.

After our "Arctic Blast" in December, I figured that was enough snow for the whole year--heck, the whole decade. We were snowed in for two weeks and when we did get out by public transportation it was a nightmare.

But apparently the weather gods didn't think it was enough. I'm looking at huge fluffy flakes coming down fast and furious. It is beautiful. But I've had enough of the snow! I want warm weather back! It snowed yesterday too. We had our Sunday of Orthodoxy procession around the church yesterday, in the sleet. Fun times! It was okay until the very end when the wind started blowing and we all got cold. Paul even wore a kalimafki! (Shoot, I was going to link that to wikipedia telling what a kalimafki is, but I can't even find a definition on OrthodoxWiki. Ah, I did find one image of a priest wearing one.) He hasn't done that since we lived at St. Nicholas Ranch and he was showing the cultural Greek stuff to Elderhostel guests. He wore it to keep his head dry.

(Magpie--I thought of you during the service, that I should have warned you to watch for weird stuff happening at the church across the street from you! We were doing the weird stuff, too.)

Well, it is supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week, and in the 50s even. Can't wait for our perfect Portland summer.

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Mimi said...

We had snow yesterday and today as well - no sticking yesterday but a slight dusting this morning.